History of the CCP

CCP Pty Ltd was established at the start of 2019 by four community members who all had a common goal, that of supporting community development.  Xander Loubser is a very passionate Advanced Life Support Paramedic, owner of multiple businesses and also a Director at another Non-profit Company, Emergency Support Team.  Noekie Salmon is considered a jewel in the community and is well known for her constant support to her fellow human beings.  Noekie is the wife of our current Christmas Father figure.  Noekie is also involved at the Pretoria West Community Care Forum.  Louise van Staden is one of the Directors at a Non-Profit Organization, Titans Kickboxing Club in Mountain View, Pretoria and also a kickboxing instructor.  Louise serves her community as a local first responder.  She is also a member of the Tshwane Sports Council and the Provincial Head of the South African Kickboxing Association (SAKA).  Ria Venter is a dearly respected woman in the Pretoria Gardens community.  Ria is full-time mommy and she has many years of experience with the annual Christmas Project.

CCP Pty Ltd was established to have an official platform to run the annual Christmas Project through.  Over the years, the Christmas Project was done through involved businesses/individuals/NPOs.  Given the rapid growth and dynamic shift of the project, the current Directors saw it fit to register the Non-Profit Company.

The Christmas Project started as a Community Policing Forum (CPF) initiative in the Hercules area and was aimed to create awareness of the unseen heroes in the community.  The project is known for the famous cry of multiple emergency vehicle sirens and a fleet of decorated vehicles and members giving out hand-packed sweet packets or gifts to the less privileged and neglected elderly community members.  The project caters for all the children and elderly who we pass on the planned route.

CCP 2011
CCP 2012
CCP 2013
CCP 2014

The organizations involved with the project suggested a ‘bigger’ event each year, but the project always catered for a limited section of Pretoria.  In 2015 Xander asked the project management team to have a bigger project for 2016 and the project was opened for decisions to be made by an official committee.  The committee was open for any members of the public.

CCP 2015

For the first time, the project beneficiaries exceeded 10 000 people in 2016.  The project was hosted over of 4 days in 4 different areas, which also included Danville area in Pretoria West for the first time.

CCP 2016

In 2017 the project ran over 5 days and gave 18300 community members a Christmas smile.  This was also the first year which included Wolmer area in Pretoria North.

CCP 2017

In 2018 the project hit a new record of 20 000 beneficiaries from which 5000 were elderly and disabled beneficiaries.  The CCP Pty Ltd committee also donated a R10 000.00 to a long standing project in Danville as part of their 2018 outreach.

CCP 2018
Since 2016 we also invested in “Santa’s Points” where the whole fleet halts for 30 minutes for a meet-and-greet, photo session with the Christmas father figure and musical entertainment by our Church music band.
In 2019, the Community Christmas Project once again exceeded the previous years’ record by successfully handing out 25 903 packets to children, elderly and pet dogs. The project received its first ever radio support from GrootFM 90.5. The 7-day project reached a new high with early confirmation of new area visits in 2020.
The future looks bright and we believe that God’s Grace will take this project to greater heights as time pass by…